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  • Rakim Performs Live In NYC

    6, October 2014 ''
  • 5, October 2014 ''
  • Hood 2 Hood Wave UGC Series Pt 3 "Rooftop Edition" Recap Pt 2

    12, September 2014 ''
  • Hood 2 Hood UGC Series Pt4 "Rooftop Edition" Recap Will Porter

    25, August 2014 ''
  • Slugfest Bx

    15, July 2014 ''
  • 2014 Best Fights & Knockouts

    15, July 2014 ''
  • Queen Of The Ring Ms Murk Vs Phara Funeral

    27, August 2014 ''
  • Don Jenkins Live

    15, July 2014 ''
  • I Shot My Bitch

    15, July 2014 ''

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African School Kids Dance Moves

24, October 2014

 The language is most probably Venda, spoken in Beitbridge, Zimbabwe and across the border in South Africa. The dance is called "Borrowdale", a reference to the movements of a galloping horse.(The Borrowdale Racecourse in Harare is the prime horserace spot.) The dancer is at once the horserider and horse! The dance was originated by a popular singer by the...

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  • Jay Lam-Silence Of The Lamb

    Jay Lam

  • Oscar de la Renta, legendary fashion designer, dies at 82

    (CNN) -- Legendary fashion designer Oscar de...

  • Exonerated and Set Free After 29 Years

    Judge Dismisses Indictment Against David McCallum and...

  • Cell Phone Video Captures Police Smashing Window, Using Stun Gun During Traffic Stop

     A cellphone video released Tuesday shows police in...

  • Police Chief Admits to Sexually Assaulting Unconscious Woman on 911 Call, Won’t See 1 Day in Jail

    Sorrento, Louisiana police chief Earl Theriot pleaded guilty...

  • Erykah Badu-Window Seat

    "Window Seat" is a song by...

  • Amber Rose To Divorce Cheating Wiz Khalifa For Nick Canon???

    Did Wiz Khalifa cheat on...

  • SOSN Presents “A Night Of Music And Art In Harlem”

    Venturing into the heart of Harlem armed with...

    • Jay Lam-Silence Of The Lamb

      Jay Lam

    • Princess Ava’s 1st Birthday Celebration


    • “Presidential Treatment White Tie Affair” Joe Kools Birthday Celabration @Stage48 NYC


    • Rae Sremmurd – No Type

      Rae Sremmurd (pronounced /ˈreɪ ʃrˈɪmɜrd/)

    • SOSN Presents “A Night Of Music And Art In Harlem”

      Venturing into the heart of Harlem armed with...

    • Happy 10th Birthday Aniyah


    • Video Release Party “Gotta Let Go” Angel Huertas


    • Laissez-Faire “Rooftop Affair”


      • Jay Lam-Lambo Field

      • VaShawn Mitchell – “Nobody Greater” “Searched All Over”

        VaShawn Mitchell is an American gospel singer and...

      • Prada Prim- Lose Your Self

      • precyse-hot shorty (premix)